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If you’re not sure where to get started, watch these videos in chronological order to get a better understanding of how to use WordPress to build your site, blog, portfolio and more!

do it yourself

The URL and Hosting Tutorial [runtime: 12 min. 37 sec.]
The first step to having your own website is obtaining a URL and setting up hosting. In this video we cover setting up your own custom domain, hosting, installing WordPress and making your first post.

Understanding The WordPress Back End (Part 1 of 2)  [runtime: 8 min. 57 sec.]
If you’ve never seen WordPress before, this two-part video series will take you through the back end of WordPress and teach you what each of the tabs does. These two videos are essential to understanding the basic functionality of WordPress.

Understanding The WordPress Back End (Part 2 of 2) [runtime: 7 min. 31 sec.]
In this video we cover the second portion of the WordPress back end.

Installing Themes [runtime: 5 min. 31 sec.]
Themes are the quickest and easiest way to get your site looking the way you want. Simply download the theme, upload the zip file and activate the theme.

Inserting Videos Into Posts and Pages [runtime: 2 min. 6 sec.]
Inserting YouTube videos into posts and pages is as easy as copying and pasting the link from YouTube. Watch it happen in this video.

Inserting Images Into Posts and Pages [runtime: 6 min. 3 sec.]
Inserting images into posts and pages is as easy as dragging and dropping into your WordPress media browser. Watch it here.

Scheduling Posts [runtime: 2 min. 1 sec.]
Don’t have time to post every day of the week? Do them ahead of time and schedule them to go live whenever you want! Make sure you use military time and set up your time zone in the settings tab beforehand.

Using Plugins to Enhance Your Site (coming soon)

Using Widgets to Enhance Your Site (coming soon)

Using Publicize Plugin to Share to Your Social Media Streams

Creating an Account and Purchasing Templates From Themeforest

80/20 Theme Overview (coming soon)

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