Our Affiliates and Our Mission


As you go through the site you might notice that we make a lot of recommendations, and many of those recommendations involve kickback to us. We admit it. We might get paid for something you click on.

But here’s why: we’ve done the research and we’re pointing you towards what we know worked best for us. And what’s more, usually as an affiliate vendor you’re allowed to offer discounts on valuable products and services- which we do!

We’re making a promise right here and now- as we offer up information, we will always, always do everything in our power to offer you the best solution possible, whether that’s paid or free, and we will always, always offer discounts where possible on any of the paid solutions. Again, we want you to be successful because success is something that deserves to be shared.

Our success isn’t going to be this site. This site is secondary to our true passion. But know this- any money we make on this site is going to be reinvested into our true passion and sister company, HubYub. HubYub is an online marketplace that enables people with good ideas to manifest those ideas, to grow their businesses and expand in a way not possible without large capital backing. We’re reinventing small business transaction, and every dollar earned here goes towards that mission. In a nutshell:

  1. You buy something you need here at a discounted price. We receive a small kickback.
  2. We reinvest that kickback in a company that allows you to buy other things at a severely discounted price, or for free.
  3. When you use either site, you get things you needed anyway for cheaper. Win, win, win.

Because success deserves to be shared.

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