Who Are We?

Who the heck are we?

A fair question. We’re a couple of guys who had some great ideas for websites but didn’t know how to execute. Once we figured out how to do it, we realized there must be tons of people like us out there. People who have things to say and services to offer, but they’re not sure how to go about getting started.

Who are we? We’re the guys who want you to take your vision and see it through to fruition. We’re here to help.


This site was built and is currently operated by three guys- Blake, Ray and Jonathan. Before the birth of this site, none of us was a blogger.

In early 2012 we came up with a great idea for a startup company that was web-intensive. Between the three of us we had a lot of skills and expertise, but none of that lay in web, online tech or development. With no other foreseeable options, we decided to outsource the site. A few recommendations later and we had found ourselves a web developer.

Knowing next to nothing at the time, we were quoted $1,500 for our developer to put together a splash page that would host some basic informational text, capture email addresses submitted by users and display a video hosted by YouTube. Our turnaround time requirements were pretty quick, but the number was still higher than we’d have liked to pay.

When the site came back, we weren’t thrilled. In fact, we were far from it. A round of revisions later and it was better, but only slightly. Plus none of the functionality we’d requested had been built in. When we raised the red flag and asked that the issues in front of us be addressed, we were quoted prices upwards of $250 an hour to fix things that we felt should have been included in our original ticket.

No one should ever be in this situation- a situation in which your success hinges on a budget dictated by someone else, someone else’s schedule or calendar, and someone else’s willingness to help be a part of your success. It was a hard and costly lesson, and one we felt no one should have to learn again. After some short discussion we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We began educating ourselves and quickly found that what we had been trying to do was possible using WordPress. Not only that, but as a bonus we also found that WordPress is incredibly easy to use.


We firmly believe that if you have a great idea, you should be able to take it and run. You should be able to share it with the world. And that process doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming and uphill battle.

So we’re making it all available to you, and that’s what this site is. Buildawordpessblog.com is a product of exploration and self-education. We want you to succeed, and as we fill in the blanks and learn more about the technical side of building a site or blog we’re going to educate our followers. As we grow, you grow! We’ll do the heavy lifting and research so you guys can experience all the benefits we will with none of the hassle.

So if it’s your first time here, you’re in luck- you’re now officially within fifteen minutes of owning your own WordPress site or blog and having an entry live online. It took us almost six months to make that happen. We’re making it available to you in less time than it takes to run a load of laundry.

To get started now, head to the Get Started page up in the navigation bar, or check out a few videos we’ve posted on how to get yourself going.

Your good idea can’t wait until tomorrow. Let’s make it a reality right now.