Categories and Tags In WordPress

More page views. Stronger engagement. Better rankings.  These are all things assigning categories and tags can help you with.

categories in wp

Categories are a way of classifying your posts based on topic, or category. They’re great because if you have a site about animals and you post about giraffes, kangaroos and sharks, having a category for each would allow your readers to display entries only pertinent to each by clicking in the corresponding category.

Categories allow for a broad grouping of post topics, but when you want to describe a post in more specific terms, more categories are required. Before you know it, you might have more categories than you know what to do with. And too many categories makes finding what you’re looking for hard, thus totally defeating the purpose of categories.

So to help further classify a category’s subcategories, WordPress created tags.


Tags are similar to categories, but they are generally used to describe your post in more detail. They’re often very specific to the content in the post- leave the broad organization to categories but get specific when you’re using tags.

For most blogs, categories are visibly listed in the sidebar, allowing visitors find your posts on a particular topic. If you plan them based on your ideal target, here are some guidelines on how to use them effectively:

  • Define the topics you market wants
  • Focus your writing on relevant content
  • Ensure your content is organized to enable easier searching and a better experience for your viewers
  •  Keep the number of categories small and manageable
  •  Use your keyword terms if possible to organize your posts for your readers who are searching for these topics
  •   File posts into the categories that make sense. If you find that your posts fit into too many, maybe you need to break your post into more focused posts or rethink your categories.

Clearly defined categories and properly tagged posts will not only improve your site’s SEO but will improve topic searchability within your site. And if someone’s looking for something in your site and they find it, it saves them from leaving and looking elsewhere.

Ready to categorize your site? Don’t forget to tag it, too!

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