PrimeSense Will Change The Way You Interact With The World Around You

they see you

Remember that scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise is getting eye scanned by about a million tiny cameras, then ads custom tailored to him and/or his demographic would play in his mind? Enter PrimeSense.

In case there’s any confusion, this is a real thing, and this is going to be a part of life before we care to admit. Already Walmart scanners can tell when you walk by and play ads accordingly- this is no different. Except it’s much more intense.

Creepy factor aside, it’s not all bad and there will be some very cool practical applications for the technology (as shown in the video). Want to try on on a shirt? Why not just stand in front of the PrimeSense camera and see how it fits on you? Build it into video games? Sure. You can actually BE the character you’re playing.

So there are pros and cons. It’s going to be up to the people wielding the tech to make sure your rights to privacy are protected- which, historically speaking- they typically aren’t.

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