Heat Cooks (Featuring Bacon)

heat cooks

Have you ever eaten raw bacon?

Of course you haven’t (I hope). Aside from tasting horrible, you’d probably get sick- and maybe even die from botulism. So naturally we fry our bacon.

We cook our food, and usually not just so we don’t kill ourselves from eating it, but because it enhances the flavor, brings out the succulence, and creates a meal we can enjoy on several levels.

Now consider this: Have you ever tried cooking a strip of bacon by staring at it?

Unless you’re Superman, chances are nothing happened if you did. Staring at food won’t cook it. You have to apply heat for anything to cook, to change, to become better and, in almost all cases, better for you.

heat cooks- bacon!

There’s no difference in anything else we do in our lives. There’s not a lot you can do to bring about change by staring at a situation. Staring isn’t doing, and staring won’t cause the heat you need to cook your meal- which could be anything from the half-finished project in your garage to the great idea you’re trying to turn into a full-fledged company.

Heat cooks. And you know what? You’re the fire. Now go fry yourself some bacon.

Stuck on something and not sure know how to get it done? Maybe it’s time to turn up the heat.

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