No Press Is Bad Press

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We’ve all heard the saying, “No press is bad press.” Nothing new there, right?

Except it wasn’t until recently that I realized the old adage had a dual meaning. No press is bad press can be interpreted in the traditional way, as in, “Even negative media coverage is a good thing” suggesting any amount of exposure creates brand awareness, being good for your brand.

But the other day it dawned on me that the phrase’s secondary and perhaps more important meaning could be, “No exposure at all is bad for business.”

How true. How absolutely true. No press really IS bad press!

Exposure starts with you, specifically with what you’re doing to market yourself. And if you’re not keeping up with your blog, not involving your readers, not updating your social media, but, most importantly, not keeping up with your blog, then you’re not creating any press for yourself.

Your lack of press means no press. And, per the old adage, that’s bad press.

So press on. Press on with WordPress. Press yes on WordPress. Ess. S.

I think I’ve just gone cross-eyed.

Shout it out to the world! What tactics do you employ to stay on task and keep up with your blogging? Tell us in the comments below!

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