Own the Pulse and Personality of Your Venture

We all love a great story and a WordPress blog is your chance to tell the world about your venture on your terms.  You and your business have a unique story; it’s time your customers begin hearing it.

By adding a blog to your business website you are giving your customers a pulse on the direction of your company.  You can play it and brand yourself with a cool personality that fits you and your market.  We all remember Apple’s great “I’m a Mac vs. I’m a PC” portraying a super-hip Justin Long next to a stale, fat, corporate giant.  How will you portray your venture?

Your business WordPress blog lets you decide who you are and where you are going.  Throw in some personality and put a weekly pulse into business by throwing up a quick blog.  You can learn everything you need to know here.

Business owners, what kinds of things have worked for you in developing an online personality?

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