What Are Keywords?

By now you’ve probably heard something about keywords, but maybe you don’t fully grasp what they are. No worries- it’s not as hard as you might think.

Keywords are defined in their name- they’re words that hold the keys to the little Google algorithms and other indexing codes that make your site discoverable via online search. They matter because without keywords, the major search engines don’t know how to find you or your site. Therefore it’s important for you to lace your site with keywords relevant to the type of traffic you’re trying to generate.

People find things by searching, and people search for things by typing in keywords. For example, if I’m looking up an exterminator in my area, I might Google “exterminator, MYLOCATION” and see what turns up on the first page. And sometimes, the KEY to getting on the first page is in KEYWORDS.

It’s not as complicated as it might sound. For example, this entire site’s keywords might include blog, blogging, WordPress, build, site, website, and a few others. They’re topics we cover and words we use frequently, plus they describe what most of our content covers. And repetitious use of those words potpourried throughout the site help make our site more discoverable by Google.

So as you populate your site with content, try to think of the keywords relevant to the subject you’re covering and incorporate them accordingly. They could be the key to getting new looks from search-engine-generated traffic.

Have any experience with keywords? Leave us a note in the comments below and help your fellow bloggers out!

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